Associated and Supported Projects

Horsforth Live At Home :

Horsforth Live at Home is based in Central methodist church and supported by churches in Horsforth in its work to help the elderly of our community. The Projects runs many activities to both serve the practical and social needs of elderly people. 

Leeds Youth Cell Network:

Youth cells encourage young people to develop friendships, to think about the issues they face in the world, to explore what the Bible says and to ask the question how can I make a positive contribution to the world I live in. Cell groups encourage young pleeds youth cell networkeople to take a lead and in some cases the group may be run by the young people themselves with a level of adult supervision

They are organised by the charity Leeds Youth Cell Network  which helps churches work together to deliver youth provision and the Horsforth cells have the full support of the local churches together group.


WYSOCS is a Christian education centre exploring the power of faith in learning for every aspect of life. Based in Leeds, we provide resources for Christians throughout the UK and beyond to engage culture with an authentically Christian worldview.

WYSOCS brings a striking message: what goes on in the Kingdom of God is just as important as how to get in! Our vision includes all kinds of study, work and play in the idea of God's calling – opening up whole new vistas to church-goers and sceptics alike. WYSOCS is not revolutionary: it's reformational – about redeeming our culture. In fact, we find this worldview provides powerful resources for evangelism where traditional approaches are struggling