Projects which offer support and whom you can support.

Local and National Refugee Organizations & Resources


Surviving Exile and Persecution providing individual, family and group psychotherapy to
refugees and asylum seekers working in partnership with other refugee agencies in

City of Sanctuary

encourages a culture of hospitality, provides national information, offers awards

Leeds Asylum Seekers Support Network (LASSN)

includes befriending, hosting, English at home

Positive Action for Refugees and Asylum Seekers (PAFRAS)

supports destitute asylum seekers, offers casework,

Red Cross

destitution projects, casework, Tracing & Messaging Service and family Reunion.

Refugee Education Training Advisory Service (RETAS)

support to access education including ESOL, training, and employment support

Meeting Point

Armley Drop In Mondays, casework support, ESOL, Women’s and Men’s Group

Manual Bravo

a charity that provides free legal representation to asylum seekers by helping with asylum appeals and fresh asylum claims (works with volunteer solicitors & researchers)

Migration Yorkshire

provides information and coordinates activity relating to migration in the Yorkshire region Manages Connecting Opportunities a program to support new migrant and refugees with employment and integration

Freedom From Torture

provides a range of therapeutic and services to torture survivors including Medical Legal Reports
(MLR) as well as research and campaigning

Refugee Council

provides various services directly to asylum seekers in UK. In Leeds they work with resettled Syrians and unaccompanied Asylum
Seeking Children (UASCs).  Do campaigning.


offers legal advice and assistance to destitute asylum seekers

Online resource of voluntary sector refugee organisations in Leeds information about local and national refugee sector