Horsforth Churches Community Outreach Facilitator

Horsforth Churches Community Outreach Project 

The Horsforth Churches Community Outreach Project is endorsed by the Horsforth Churches Together (HCT) meeting to organise  activities and to represent HCT's voice in various settings. Working as an independent charity the project aims to support the church as a whole in its mission to the community. The work has three main focuses. 

1) Supporting the churches together in it's existing mission activities. 
2) Identifying (Mapping) gaps and opportunities where we can work together to serve and bring the love of Christ to our community.
3) Being a supportive Christian presence in Horsforth High School to pupils and staff.

The role and the work involved are about developing mission possibilities in Horsforth through encouraging the church to work in unity, whilst appreciating its diversity.

Existing churches across Horsforth are each involved in making a difference to their locality but together they are the Church in Horsforth Together, where there is a shared heart to act, the impact can be all the greater.

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