Inters Youth Group  

Inter Youth Group 

Inters Youth Group is an after school club for Year 6's and Year 7's.

It seeks to support young people as they transition to High School. 

The club runs 3.15 to 5pm on Wednesdays Term Time (missing the first week at the beginning of each term for staff training)

It costs 50p to enter. 

Our values in the group are 

1) Everyone welcome 

2) Everyone having fun

3) Everyone learning 

Parents Guardians Information 

a) Children are asked to provide an emergency contact and a breeze number. 

If you would like to provide this by email please follow the link and give your child's full name, school. year group and breeze number (same as Library card.)  Email emergency number and breeze card details.

b) Once in the club, children are encouraged to stay until it is time for THEM to go home. This will be at different times depending on their commitments. If they leave the group and come back they will have to pay again to enter. This is a disincentive to wander about on the streets. 

c) The capacity of Inters is 50 young people. We have never had to turn children away yet. However the group is very popular at the moment. If we reached capacity we would never simply send children away but would phone the emergency number and wait with children till we were advised by parent/ guardian what we should do. 

The group is delivered by Horsforth Churches Community Project in partnership with Horsforth Childrens' Services and is majority funded by the Outer North West Community Committee