Horsforth People Serving God Across The World


Shirley writes, " I January 2013, I am leaving home, family and friends to live out a God-given dream to love on AIDS orphans, Rescued Child Soldiers and war effected children in Gulu, North Uganda. For over twenty years, Joseph Kony abducted 30,000 children forcing tehm to be child soldiers and sex slaves , eleaving many severely traumatised and ill children. HIV/Aids has claimed the lives of thousands of Ugandans laeving over 1 million Aids orphans many left to fend for themselves and their younger siblings. I am going to live out my dream to going out and loving on some of these children.  I get to be Mamma Shirls and nurse to these beautiful children and as I love and care for them will hopefully make a difference in their lives "


The Forsythe's are now in Mexico City
The Forsythe family; Jonny, Gemma, Matthew (5) and Susannah (1). Jonny is from Northern Ireland and Gemma is from Lincoln. They met while doing primary teacher training at Trinity and All Saints (now Leeds Trinity). They got married and have two children (who share the same birthday!). They started attending Lister Hill Baptist Church and went to Mexico City as part of team in 2001. God began a work in their lives at that point, that led to two further visits to Mexico City. The final visit being the confirmation that God was calling them to work in Mexico City. In 2011 to 2012 they attended Language School in Costa Rica before travelling to Mexico City in July 2013 for two years initially.They will be working alongside Mexican Christians in church planting and childrens work.
For more information email: theforsythes@hotmail.co.uk or see http://www.onemissionsociety.org.uk/   Forsythe Prayer Letter 17.pdf

South Africa

Working in the valley of a thousand hills with Aids orphans . Many members from Churches in Horsforth have an ongoing relationship with two charities in the valley of a thousand hills where the HIV rate is estimated at 60%

Sethani South Africa work with the community in KwaNgcolosi, a semi-rural tribal area of KwaZulu Natal, aiming to relieve poverty and to empower the community through the provision of facilities and training in five areas.  These are identified as orphan support, nursery provision, youth and children's activities,  the centre and developing income projects. 

In 2010 a team of 21 went out to work with HIV orphans and a smaller team returned in 2012. In the summer of 2014 another 18 strong team from Horsforth  travelled out to Sethani to deepen the relationship further. We are delighted that Ducklings nursery are developing a twinning relationship with the Sethani nursery and Horsforth School are supporting it as one of their charities of the year. In 2016 a team of 17 went out and built two play areas for the project.