Teen Challenge - Church Without Walls

Teen Challenge is an initiative whereby local church can get onto the streets and engage with the community. 

We have a trailer that parks up opposite Morrisons high street entrance and from that “base” we walk the streets of Horsforth in teams of three or four. We smile, say “Hello” and give them a leaflet about what we are about. We then explain that if they want to know more that they can come to the trailer for a hot drink and piece of cake and talk to us. We also offer the chance to pray with people. 

In the short time that we have been running we have talked to so many people ranging from 8yrs to 70yrs, from people who have concerns about the “youth of today” to the youth of today wondering, if there is a God, then where is he. We make no bones about who we are and who we represent and people appreciate our candidness and honesty. 

As we walk the streets, we will pray for divine appointments and as we then have fellowship with one another (like house group on the street) which is a real blessing to all. God puts people in our path and makes it so easy to talk to them. We don’t have to be labelled evangelists, we just have to ask God to give us a real passion for the lost and he does provide.

Would you like to volunteer ? 
We go out every other Tuesday at the moment, meeting 7.45 to pray and go out from the trailor at 8pm.  We would love to have the trailer every week. This would require more commitment from us and other churches so please would you pray for more volunteers, for our continued protection and that Horsforth would be a place where people know the hand of God. 

Please come and visit the trailer, see for yourself, you may even want to come out with us for half an hour, get a feel for what it is like. 
We are grateful to have a team who are dedicated to praying for us.

For more info email Dave