Willow Green Christian Fellowship

Our Heritage:
We are a member of the Harvest Community Network (HCN). HCN is not a denomination, but a company of people from a variety of backgrounds joined together through a sense of common purpose. Our doctrinal and denominational histories are as diverse as our personalities, but God has facilitated our coming together out of the embers of a movement founded during the early 20th century. They were called the “United Apostolic Faith Church” and their work blossomed in South Africa, where today, they have thousands of congregations throughout the region. The work in the UK was much smaller and in recent times, it was clear that change was needed.
The search for God's direction began a radical journey towards a very different future. In place of the central control of the past, there would be a relational network in which the centre serves the vision and purpose of the local. This was not a simple name change, but the birth of something new and different. Isaiah 43 v 18+19
HCN therefore do not share a common heritage or even a common structure of service. Our unity is based on having a common Father, our stability founded on His love for us, our expressions of faith flow from the diversity of our gifts endowed by our Father and our longing is that the work of the Spirit in us is expressed by a love for each other and a love for all.

Our priorities are:
• Grace
• Unity
• Community

These are very exciting days for the network. We are asking questions and exploring the possibilities which have laid beyond the horizon of our past experience. As we seek God's direction and share with each other the sense of appreciation, understanding and unity, we keep growing.
The good thing about the horizon is that it's not the boundary of our possibilities but only the limit of our ability to see from where we are standing. As one man said "if you want to see something you've never seen before, you'll have to go somewhere you've never been before".
So if you're looking for company on a journey of discovery and change, this could be for you.

Our today & tomorrow:
Willow Green is an international community with no enemies. Here individual and selfish tendencies are abandoned as we serve as brothers and sisters. We are about the Kingdom of God here and now, not only about ourselves but also the community we live in and about the world Jesus came to die for. We are not satisfied with a reductionist, individualistic and privatised message. We are about world changing, culture changing, and social transformation. We aim to tear down the secular/sacred divide of the 19th and 20th Centuries and bring all things under God’s rule. We are about the sacredness of all life, recognising the work of God in all the earth – no dualism. We serve as yeast in a barrel, as salt of the earth and as light on the hill because “the earth is the Lord’s and everything in it” Psalm 24:1, Therefore all can be made holy when they come into contact with the incarnate – Jesus the Son of God. Our call is to live incarnationally, just like Jesus who touched everything and everyone and made them whole.
What we do:
We are currently renovating our premises and hope to outdoor the new look in May 2012. Thereafter we hope to use the building to serve our community and beyond in the following ways:
• Sunday and Tuesday meetings where we ask humbly to be led and taught by the Holy Spirit who enriches and empowers our lives graciously
• Saturday/Sunday night music sessions over food and coffee
• Alpha Courses
• Marriage courses/discussions/seminars over coffee/tea
• Parenting courses/discussions/seminars over coffee/tea
• Teaching Seminars on spiritual matters
• Lectures on faith and business/development issues/charity
• Morning coffees/afternoon and evening lunches and suppers
• Book clubs
• Etc.

We currently meet every Sunday in a little room located within the building at 10.30am. We hope to start Sunday meetings in the main church building in May 2012.
You are welcome to visit as we seek the blessings of God for our lives and for our community together.

The church is pastored by George & Nancy Asomaning who can be contacted on 0113 258 3555.