Find out about how things went?

Hope in the Park 20th

Despite a grey and sometimes grizzly weather, the atmosphere around Hope in the Park was cheerful and upbeat with an estimated five hundred people enjoying the mixture of activities. 

With live music from Horsforth School students , circus entertainer Daryl Hackett juggling fire ,a variety of inflatables for younger and older children along with a cage football and skate park competitions there was much to entertain.  People enjoyed chatting around the activities whilst munching through over 500 free hot dogs and warming themselves with hot drinks. Whilst half a dozen skilful artists  worked continuously transforming faces with their painting skills many others took part in activities which reflecting on the hopes and dreams they have for seeing transformation in Horsforth and the world. Hundreds of stones of hope were sent to friends with encouraging messages, the ’I wish’ board packed  with dreams  and also questions about how? The community art reflected on sacrificial love and the kidz craft area invited children to think about what brings light into their lives?

Despite the drizzle, Hope in the park was another example of the positive community  spirit in Horsforth with sixty volunteers helping on the day and people from the right across the age ranges  enjoying sharing the park together. 

Cafe of Hope

The Cafe of Hope was attended by 107 people who came to hear testimonies of what God is doing across the churches but aslo to ask the question what can we do together to share the good news of Jesus with our commnity. With dozens of home made cakes to enjoy alongside coffee, it was an inspiring night.  Tracey a visitor from outside Leeds said, "I would like to say how impressed I was in what I saw & heard at the Cafe of Hope. It was really refreshing to see so many churches actually working toward the same goal irrespective of denomination or see God's love in action through so many different avenues. I have never seen churches working together for their community to this degree before, making themselves approachable & accessible to everyone & anyone.


Walk of Witness

The walk was blessed with good weather and an estimated turn out of 250 people. Marc Pitson and Jacob Womack, students of Leeds Trinity carried the cross down town street with the walkers flowing singing. The service was led by Rev Richard Dimery with readings from Mgr Paul Grogan and Hilary Taylor and prayers by Rev Ali Jones. Afterwards the Grove halls were full as people enjoyed fellowship, a hot cross bun and delecious soup. 



Lent Talks


The five lent talks were a wonderful chance to hear stories of faith at work in the world around us. We started with chapliancy in  Hospitals, and went through Universities, Prisons, With older people and finished with Airport Chaplincy. The talks were hugely apprecited by audiences of between 25 and 60 people who were also given time to ask questions of the Chaplians. There was much to learn and much to be encouraged by.

Rewind to Easter Primary School Initative

Snow altered our plans but didnt deter them. On Friday the 22nd, 120 children from St Margarets, Broadgate Lane and Westbrook primary schools were due to descend on Lister Hill church over two ninety minute sessions. In the end we taook the team of 12 willing volunteers equipped with snow boats to each of the schools over three different days to run the program which invited pupils to journey back to the first easter. Using video clips, small group work, craft and quizzes the easter story from Palm sunday to Easter Sunday was shared alongside an explantion of why is it so important to Christians.