Primary School Assemblies Dates Open The Book Dates 2018-19

St Margarets 2018 -2019

14th Sept 2018

12th Oct

16th Nov 

11th Jan

1st Feb 

26th April 

7th Jun

28th Jun

Broadgate Lane

The Monday after St Margarets

Westbrook Lane

The Tuesday after St Margarets

Featherbank + West End

The Wednesday after St Margarets

St Mary's

The Thursday after St Margarets

REWIND TO CHRISTMAS : Thursday 6th Dec and Friday 7th Dec

REWIND TO EASTER : Thursday 21st March and Dec 22nd March

Offering Open the Book to more schools

We are looking for more volunteers to join us with the hope that we can develop as team for each school. The Assemblies are very easy to do, a lot of fun and take 90 minutes of your time approximately every four weeks.

Each team has a key worker who picks up the resources from open the book. They will send an email out a week before to check your availability and make sure there are enough volunteers to deliver the assembly.

Assemblies at St Margaret’s take place on Fridays and we meet at 8am -9.30am to plan and then deliver.

Assemblies at Broadgate take place on a Monday, we meet at 10.30 to finish at 12 noon
Assemblies at Westbrook Lane’s take place on a Tuesday, we meet at 9 - 10.30am

Assemblies at West End take place on a Wednesday, we meet at 8.45am and finish at 10.45am 

Assemblies at Featherbank take place on a Wednesday, we meet at 9.45am and finish 11am     

Assemblies at St Mary's take place on a Thursday, we meet at 9am and finish at 10.30am

 Email Lynne or email Duncan if you would be interested in knowing more