The World on our Doorstep : Revisited 

Hosted by Horsforth Churches Together and Leeds City of Sanctuary, The World on our Doorstep brought together those who have come to the UK and those who have been here all their lives.It’s often hard for children to understand immigration, refugees, and asylum seekers, that’s why it’s important for nights like The World on Our Doorstep to happen

For the adults in the room there were tear-jerking talks from refugees and asylum seekers, followed by information on how to get involved with volunteering in Leeds. For the children, there was an abundance of activities that they could be part of, to build their new friendships, from playing on a bouncy castle, to hearing stories and creating art together. Duncan Stow, of Horsforth Churches Together, took a moment to speak about the night and thank those involved, touchingly saying “Our hope for tonight was to make friends, have fun together, share food, and enjoy life.” Something that was definitely achieved over the evening. 

During the main activity for the children, a story was told which involved the children

holding up pictures to make it easier for them to understand. They were told a story of children living in the camps in Calais. They heard that they’d received letters from school children in the local area, and that one girl had loved her letter so much she kept hold of it. A while later, the girl managed to leave the camp and moved to England, Leeds to be specific and got to meet the children who had wrote to her. The activity was for children to create small kites with messages to the children coming to the UK, they could write anything they want and decorate it in anyway. One child’s kite was particularly moving as she’d described Leeds as “a small city, with a big heart.” When asked about why days like this were important, one girl said, “we are celebrating, I’ve made new friends today.”Another told “When we came to England we didn’t speak any English, when we went to school it was very hard because we didn’t know anyone.“We didn’t have any friends, but we made a lot at school and they were all very kind.” The aim of the evening was clearly achieved, seeing young children come together

and build friendships with people from all walks of life without prejudice is amazing to see.